24 Hour Time Zones Project

I am currently working on a project to gather portraits of people throughout all of the 24 main time zones in our world. Each person’s portrait will be taken at a specific time in the day so that it would seem as if every person took the portrait at the same time, (example: if I took a portrait in The Netherlands time zone at 21:00 (9pm) then in California the portrait will need to have been taken at 12:00 (noon)). Once all these photos are gathered I will assemble them in a book and present the final outcome to my class in January. I need YOUR HELP to make this happen. I need YOU to be apart of my new photo book. I need YOU to help me get connected with people from around the world in different time zones. This is a really cool project that I look forward to bringing to life. Thank you for being apart of it.

I am including download links in this page for all of my project’s information. I am also including a .zip file which contains the three documents together, if you prefer to download a .zip file rather than downloading three separate documents.

Many thanks, and stay inspired,
Sean Kobi Sandoval

24-Hour-Project-Files-by-Sean-Kobi-Sandoval-FINAL.zip (18 downloads)

24-Hour-Project-Pitch-FINAL.pdf (13 downloads)

Standard_time_zones_of_the_world_Hours_You_Need_To_Photograph_FINAL.jpg (19 downloads)

24-Hour-Project-Model-Release-Form.pdf (10 downloads)