Sean Sandoval (Ghost-Cat) travel portrait photographed by Scott Hutchinson in Southern Iceland.


        Sean Kobi Sandoval is a (color-blind) travel and conceptual, self-taught, visual artist born and raised in Huntington Beach, California. During his freshman year in high school he discovered a camera in the snow of mammoth mountains. The camera inspired his career and he began to create skateboard films. By his senior year he began producing video commercial work for private clients. That year, (2013) Sean read a college book on photography, was introduced to Photoshop and began to dabble in photo editing. He would not pick up a camera again until the end of 2015 where, curiously enough, he once again found another camera– this time it was a DSLR (a photography camera). In early 2016 one of Sean’s photos won a photo contest held by Concept Collaboration (powered by Flickr). As a result, he had the privilege of meeting David Talley, a professional Conceptual Photographer and CEO of Conceptual Collaboration. Mr. Talley was an artistic inspiration and provided Sean motivation to take photography seriously. It was then that Sean entered a 365 Photo Project. Here Sean would have to create, photograph, edit, and post a new image every single day for a full year. Within a few months after meeting David, one of Sean’s images was recruited to be apart of the Het Paleis exhibition at the M.C. Escher Museum, located in the Netherlands. The trip ignited a passion for travel. Sean made it his goal to explore the world and create a life filled with new experiences, new cultures, new food and full of photo art. After his trip to the Netherlands, he carried on to Puerto Rico, where he worked on a Daddy Yankee music video set, to Iceland to shoot a self-portrait of himself being “baptized” in the icy January waters of Kirkjufellsfoss, and back to Europe to travel and photograph the magnificence of the world with his photography partner, Lilli Weinstein. Sean’s photo work has been featured among various platforms (as mentioned below in Selected Clients and Features) for both private and public licensing. When he is not traveling the world he can be found studying languages and photography, or creating art in Southern California. You can contact Sean by e-mail via his Contact page. If he does not promptly respond, it is because he is off the grid, and perhaps lost, wandering among the splendor of the world.

Selected Clients & Features

      Selected Clients:
      • ADIMAY
      • Bare Cotton
      • Code 4 Media
      • Genius Mindz
      • José Javy Ferrer
      • HB Cult Magazine
      • Nathan Brookes
      • Quote Catalog
      • ROF Industries
      • Rush Hour National
      • Thought Catalog
      • Underground Media
      • Baptism Photo featured on the Flickr Blog - Jan. 2016
      • Photo Apart of Escher in het Paleis Museum's A Sense of Wonder Exhibition in the Netherlands - Nov. 2014 - Dec. 2015
      • Photo featured on the Flickr Blog - Aug. 2015
      • Conceptual Collaboration Photo Contest Winner - February 2015