365 Project


My Journey for this project began 30 March 2015. These images in sequence from top to bottom showcase my growth as a photographer, artist, and human. This project was inspired by David Talley who pursued me to take on the project of creating a single photo (capture, edit, and post) every single day for a year straight. He explained to me that once it is all over I will find enlightenment and learn more than I had ever hoped to about myself and photography. There came a time during this project (I was in the mid-100s of 365) when it was near impossible continue creating my daily photos– I was in the airport in Moscow for an 11 hour layover and was completely drained from travel and lack of sleep, the only way I could have continued was if I created an image in the airport, I couldn’t muster up the energy then. After the first time I missed a day it became an easier “accident” to make. Later on I spoke with Chris Rivera, another incredible photographer who was at the time in his 365 project. He explained how his 365 Project has been running for almost two years of the time we spoke. He presented new rules for respecting how life can interfere intensely:

  1. No need to take a photo EVERYDAY. You can shoot many photos and concepts in one day and edit them in one day if you like as well!
  2. If you miss a posting day, don’t beat yourself up! I was beating myself for a while and i was feeling really depressed.
  3. Your photo doesn’t need to be perfect, but be happy with what you post. I wait until I have something that I like to post. If I don’t like it, I won’t post it.

I proceeded with these rules for some time until I thought about Chris’s 3rd rule, it didn’t make sense to me that only half of my project will contain images that I am happy with, the first half of my images had a lot of terrible ideas and mess ups. I then gave my 365 Project a “refresh” by deleting all the images I undoubtedly loathed. Now my 365 Project has turned into a series of 365 images that I am happy with, to show my growth as a photographer.

Please enjoy scrolling through my 365 Project Album to witness the transformation and growth of myself as a photographer and human being.